Welcome to the SV Eichkamp!

The self­administration of students (SV Eichkamp) makes you the following offers:

Sports Equipment

  • volleyballs, a net and an area limitation table
  • tennis rackets and balls
  • badminton rackets and balls
  • footballs (soccer)
  • one stunt kite


  • Café open every Thursday from 20:00 to 23:59
  • board games, video projector, …

Werkstatt (workshop)

  • House 10, basement
  • open every Thursday, 18:00
  • many tools (cordless screwdriver, drill machine, angle grinder, …)
  • spare parts for bicycles
  • bikes for rent

Vegetable and Herb Garden

  • planting in spring
  • everybody’s allowed to harvest


  • cooking grate for the fixed barbecue grill
  • one giant barbecue grill

Contact us if you like to rent/use anything.